Guiding Principles

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As an organisation that is committed to increasing accountability in the field of pensions in the Cayman Islands as well as administering and evolving the National Pensions Law, the National Pensions Office believes that it too must be responsible to its officers, its clients and to the general public in regards to any complaints they may have.

The Office commits to carefully listening to all concerns and complaints, to dealing with them in a professional, courteous and timely manner, and to be guided by the following principles –

Confidentiality and Privacy

The Internal Complaints process of the National Pensions Office will protect the complainant’s right of confidentiality. Only individuals directly related to the review of the complaint will be given access to complaint information. If the complaints relate to the performance of a particular individual, the complainant will be asked to confirm that they are willing for the elements of the complaint to be shared with the individual before additional information is gathered.


The investigating officer (usually the Superintendent with respect to complaints generated outside of the office) must acknowledge receiving the complaint within 2 days and indicate the time-frame in which the complaint will be addressed. The time-frame must be reasonable in the light of the importance of the matter under consideration.

Gather information

All concerned parties will be given the opportunity to provide information and all relevant information must be gathered.

Decision and Reasons

The Internal Complaints Process must be concluded with a written decision including reasons for the decision. The reasons will be given in plain language and in sufficient detail (judged in the light of the gravity of the complaint) to allow the complainant to understand the result.

Last Updated: 2007-04-26