Complaints Process

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Upon receipt of a complaint, the Superintendent will take the following steps -

The Complaints Process
  1. Discuss the issues with the client or member of the general public and document concerns. A time for a resolution meeting should be set at this time.
  2. The complainant is encouraged to put the complaint in writing although all forms of complaints will be actioned.
  3. The Superintendent will indicate reception of the complaint in writing back to the complainant and further document the case based on discussions with the complainant.
  4. Determine from the staff member(s) involved their version of events.
  5. Discuss the issue with Ministry staff if considered appropriate and come to a resolution. Determine action(s) required, if any.
  6. Meet with the client or member of the general public and discuss the problem and the proposed actions (if any).
  7. A brief memorandum outlining the matter will be placed on the personnel file of the staff member if necessary.

Last Updated: 2007-04-26