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Previous Years

Government Approves Order for Implementation of Minimum Wage
The Government has approved the Labour (National Minimum Basic Wage) Order, 2016 which details how the minimum wage will be implemented starting 1 March 2016 when the Order comes into effect. 16th February 2016, 1:53pm
New Appointment Announced at DLP
Recently two appointees began their new posts at the Department of Labour and Pensions (DLP). 19th February 2015, 3:41pm
Minimum Wage Advisory Committee - Have Your Say Flyer
Minimum Wage Advisory Committee - Have Your Say Flyer 24th October 2014, 10:24am
Department of Labour & Pensions Fills Vacancies
The Department of Labour & Pensions, has recently filled vacant positions through succession planning, reassignment of staff, and appointment of new personnel in an effort to improve service delivery to meet client needs.  9th October 2014, 1:39pm
Employers being prosecuted for breaches of the Labour Law.
Report on Matters before the Summary Court for contravention of referenced sections of the Cayman Islands Labour Law (2011 Revision). 22nd September 2014, 11:44am
July 2013 – August 2014 Update
A report on Matters before the Summary Court, July 2013 – August 2014 Update. 2nd September 2014, 7:17pm
Pension Withdrawals - 30 June 2014
Pension Withdrawal For Dwelling/Property (Inception to 30 June 2014) 2nd September 2014, 10:34am
Pension Withdrawals by Civil Servants
The Public Service Pensions Law, which is a separate Law for civil servants, does not allow withdrawal for housing as is allowed under the National Pensions Law through a private sector plan. 7th August 2014, 2:23pm
National Pensions Office Releases Investigation Results
The National Pensions Board have announced that it has reduced its long-standing backlog of complaints files/cases to 159, officials revealed in a progress report. 27th March 2014, 4:52pm
Charitable Organisations Must Register Under Labour Law
Charitable organisation must first register with the Department of Labour and Pensions. Applications for registration are being accepted now. 25th March 2014, 2:11pm
Matters before the Summary Court
Report on Cases Before the Courts July 2013 - February 2014. Update. 25th February 2014, 3:13pm
Cease & Desist (C&D) Order
In accordance with Section 80 (a) & (b) of the National Pensions Law (2012 Revision), BAF Cayman Pension Plan has been given a Cease & Desist Order for soliciting and registering new pensions business. 10th February 2014, 2:57pm
Marlon Bodden Interview With Donna Bush
February 4 2014. 4th February 2014, 12:10pm
Pension Withdrawals - 30 June 2013
Pension Withdrawal For Dwelling/Property (Inception to 30 June 2013) 12th September 2013, 3:36pm
Councillor and DLP Director attend ILO Conference
Councillor and Director attend the International Labour Organization’s (ILO) meeting of Caribbean Ministers of Labour.  12th July 2013, 11:27am
Minister Visits Labour and Pensions
Hon. Tara Rivers focused on labour concerns during departmental visits this week. 24th June 2013, 11:50am
Pensions Law Awareness
Pensions Law Awareness 25th April 2013, 10:01am
Pension Withdrawals Contribute KYD$4.1M to Economy
The Cayman Islands National Pensions Law was amended in 2011 to allow pension members a one-time withdrawal of up to KYD$35,000.00 from their pension plan to purchase a home, construct a home, pay off an existing mortgage or purchase residential land. 25th March 2013, 12:14pm
Sister Islands Labour and Pensions
DLP group becomes familiar with compliance. 5th October 2012, 1:01pm
Withdrawals from Pensions
Department of Labour and Pensions produces data since amendment took effect. 7th September 2012, 1:52pm
New Pension and labour Hotline
Department of Pensions and Labour establish Tip-line for labourers in the Cayman Islands. 24th July 2012, 12:58pm
New National Pensions Bill
Public Input Sought on New National Pensions Bill. 28th May 2012, 2:18pm
‘Pensions Holiday’ finished Wednesday, 25 April 2012.
The two-year break from pensions payments for non-Caymanian workers is over. 7th May 2012, 4:21pm
Training for Labour and Pensions
Three staff members received certificates of completion for the Industrial Hygiene Training Programme. 3rd May 2012, 12:54pm
Changes for Labour/Pensions
The National Pensions Office will be closed from Thursday 23rd February to Tuesday 28th February, reopening for business in their new location 2nd Floor, Midtown Plaza on Wednesday 29 February. 10th February 2012, 4:13pm
New Director of Labour & Pensions
Mr. Mario Ebanks will take up the post of Director of the new Department of Labour and Pensions. 3rd February 2012, 12:42pm
Pension Holiday in Part Over
Tuesday, 26 April, marks the end date of the temporary pension holiday for Caymanian employees only. 3rd May 2011, 4:10pm
Pension Holiday Gazetted
A temporary voluntary pension holiday for private sector employers and employees takes effect Monday, 26 April. 30th July 2010, 5:41pm
Agencies Pool Efforts
Improved pension administration will result from an Employment Ministry, NPO and NPB partnership. 29th July 2010, 5:25pm
Action Taken against BAICO
The Superintendent of Pensions issued an Order to BAICO on 15th September. 17th September 2009, 2:40pm
Pensions Compliance Calls
Pensions authorities call for greater compliance. 18th April 2008, 4:05pm
Pensions Prosecution
The National Pensions Office is reminding all employers that they must provide pension plans for their employees. 12th December 2006, 12:12pm
Pensions Officers to Brac
The National Pensions Office (NPO) will send officials to the Brac to meet with employers and employees to increase understanding of the Pensions Law. 29th May 2006, 2:59pm
Pensions Inspector Earns New Certification
Government Pensions Inspector Pierre Lautischer has added the title of Certified Forensic Interviewer (CFI) to his qualifications. 16th February 2006, 2:00pm
Website Launch
National Pensions Office website launched. 10th January 2006, 12:26pm
First Certified Inspector-General
The National Pensions Office now has Cayman's first certified Inspector General on staff. 2nd September 2005, 12:00pm
Planning Ahead
The National Pensions Office holds a strategic planning session to discuss key goals and aims for the future. 11th March 2005, 12:00pm
New Pensions Inspector Appointed
Mr. Pierre Lautischer joins the National Pensions Office. 10th March 2005, 12:00pm
New Superintendent of Pensions
Mr. Cyril Theriault helps to ensure that all employees are enrolled in a registered pension plan that meets National Pensions Law standards. 22nd December 2004, 9:52am