Pension Withdrawals - 30 June 2013

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Published 12th September 2013, 3:36pm


Pension Withdrawal For Dwelling / Property
(Inception to 30 June 2013)

Applications Received to Date328
Applications Approved To Date315
Applications Rejected To Date10
Applications withdrawn3
Applications Approved to Construct Dwelling48
Applications Approved to Purchase Dwelling172
Applications Approved to Payoff Mortgage73
Applications Approved to Purchase Land22
Funds Disbursed To Construct  Dwelling$ 919,845.90
Funds Disbursed To Purchase Dwelling$ 3,248,813.49
Funds Disbursed to Payoff Mortgage$ 1,899,903.63
Funds Disbursed to Purchase Land$ 334,549.95


Statistics are done Quarterly.