Pensions Law Awareness

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Pensions Law Awareness

Published 25th April 2013, 10:1am

The below bullet points were part of a presentation given to 8 staff members of the Immigration Department which lasted for approximately two hours.

Due to the fact that the participants were part of the Law Enforcement family - the presentation was skewed somewhat to their specific needs; with more emphasis placed on "Employer compliance" as it relates to the requirements under the National Pension Law and regulations.

At the conclusion of the presentation the attendees expressed their thanks and appreciation to the presenters. One of the attendees commented "I now feel better equipped"

  • Who should have a pension plan
  • Pension Eligibility
  • Employer and Employee responsibilities
  • The Six Multi Employer Pension plans
  • When pension payments are due
  • Consequences of late payments
  • Delinquent employers
  • Enforcement options
  • Investigations
  • What is Pensionable earnings
  • Percentages as it relates to Employee and Employer Contributions
  • Contribution process made simple
  • The disenfranchised employee
  • Putting more onus on the Employer and Employee
  • Pay slips and other documentation
  • Financial impact on the employee/s