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(L-R) Little Cayman  District Officer Mr. Larry Foster, and DLP Representatives.

Published 5th October 2012, 1:1pm

Promoting a culture of workplace excellence is something that the Department of Labour and Pensions (DLP) holds as one of its main objectives throughout the Islands.

On 12th September at the Grand Caymanian Resort Ballroom the DLP hosted a training session for several companies of the private sector on Fundamentals of the Labour Law.

Business owners and staff members on Island from: Roper’s Enterprises, Phoenix ltd, Mike’s Ice and Refrigeration, Maples and Calder , Grand Caymanian Resort, Prestige Motors, and Larry’s Hardware were in attendance for the one day course. Each attendee was given insight into upholding the law when dealing with employees and work environments. The instruction also gave further assistance in understanding certain provisions in the Labour Law (2011 Revision). As well as giving business owners, Managers and other staff member’s guidance on the administration and application of the law as relevant to their working environment or industry.

Director of Labour and Pensions Mario Ebanks was the facilitator of the course and said, “We are really working towards promoting a culture of workplace excellence, and if we can train business managers, owners and HR practitioners to properly understand and apply the Labour Law, we can achieve many things including: improve productivity in the workplace, promote tranquillity and good employer-employee relations, and also reduce the time and expense (for all parties) with dispute resolution, conciliation, and Labour Tribunal Hearings.”

He continued: “A good partnership between the Department and the business community is critical, while at the same time being clear as to the Rights of the employee.”

The DLP will continue to host courses on the Labour Law throughout the rest of the year, with another course planned for both October and November. Businesses or employees wishing to Register for these courses, or seeking information or training in other areas of Labour or Pensions should contact the Department of Labour & Pensions, located on the 2nd floor of Mid Town Plaza on Elgin Avenue. The department is open to the public from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday-Friday; telephone: 945-8960, fax: 945-8961, confidential hotline for labour and pension complaints: 945-3073.