Pensions Inspector Earns Certification

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Published 16th February 2006, 2:0pm

Government Pensions Inspector Pierre Lautischer has added the title of Certified Forensic Interviewer (CFI) to his qualifications, having recently passed the requisite examinations.

Superintendent of Pensions Cyril Theriault applauded Mr. Lautischer's achievement. He noted that this qualification will improve the National Pensions Office's service to its users, in the provision of neutral and comprehensive analysis of claims and complaints.

The National Pensions Office (NPO) together with the National Pensions Board is charged via the National Pensions Law with:

  • Administering the Law and regulations (including daily contact with employees, employers and plan administrators);
  • Promoting the establishment, extension and improvement of pension plans throughout the Islands;
  • Advising the Minister in respect of the business of the Board (and the office); and
  • Making recommendations to the Minister in respect of pension plans.

A certified forensic interviewer is a professional with expertise in interviewing victims, witnesses, suspects, or other sources to determine facts regarding suspicions or allegations of specific incidents. The role of the CFI dictates that the post holder understands legal aspects of interviewing and is proficient in interview preparation, behavioural analysis, documentation and presentation of findings.

Ongoing education and training is integral to the operations of the National Pensions Office. Following a six-month study period, Mr. Lautischer completed a 160-question exam on interview and interrogation processes.

Mr. Lautischer was also certified last year as an "Inspector General," after training at the Certified Inspectors General Institute at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York. The audit and inspection duties of this role include evaluating and reviewing worker savings programmes, with detailed scrutiny of specific areas such as staff qualifications, due professional care, timeliness, fraud, risk management and internal management controls.

His responsibilities with the NPO include identifying and documenting, in conjunction with the Superintendent and Deputy Superintendent, the functions of pension inspectors, creating procedural forms to be used in inspections and prosecutions of pension cases, as well as producing a policy and procedural manual for inspectors. He will be joined by an additional Pension Inspector shortly.